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Launched in 2014, Pacific Night is a boutique publishing house dedicated to producing business books on the subject of “Creativity and innovation.”

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Inspiring Insights For Unleashing Creativity and Achieving Higher Levels of Success

By David Margolis

PUBLISHING DATE: 8th December, 2014


ISBN (Paperback) 978-0-9916200-8-1   |   ISBN (eBook) 978-0-9916200-7-4


SYNOPSIS: Creativity is not a mythical superpower accessible only to mad scientists, the world’s zaniest intellectuals, and the guy from the grocery store who plays the guitar with his feet. Neither is it exclusively reserved for artistic geniuses like Steve Jobs, Beyoncé, or Jerry Seinfeld. Everyone can tap into the creative superpowers that are hardwired into our biological operating systems. Once unleashed, creative energy thrives, productivity soars, and we get invited to the best parties in town—instead of having to sneak in disguised as a caterer. But if neglected, our mental powers wane, and we fall short of our potential.

In The Billion-Dollar Creative, British innovator David Margolis shares the wisdom he has gained
over his remarkable career as an industry-leading presentation design specialist, working with
creative teams and corporate clients in media, advertising, publishing, entertainment, and
finance in London and New York. This book contains an emphatic collection of principles for
raising the bar on excellence, nurturing creativity, and loading the dice to ensure you graduate
from the school of enlightened warriors with flying colors. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, 
CEO, writer, designer, trailblazer, team leader, or the guy from the grocery store, this book has something for you.

Printed in the United States of America

Billion-Dollar Creative

Can you become more creative?


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In The Billion-Dollar Creative, British author- adventurer-creativity guru David Margolis answers emphatically, “Yes!”

In his debut book, the first installment of a ten-book series, Margolis shows readers how to: build the best environment and conditions to nurture creativity, do away with endless unproductive team meetings, and generate better ideas naturally—and so much more—all in a style that’s highly entertaining, eye-opening and thought-provoking.

The Billion-Dollar Creative contains 25 principles for improving creativity in the professional workplace and in our daily lives. Over the course of the series, 250 principles will be covered. The book has something for everyone. “It doesn’t matter who you are,” says the author, “you can be more creative. This book  shows you how.”


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